Kindo now a part of MyHeritage

Thanks to Eastman's post I found out about Kindo being acquired by MyHeritage.  Up until today I never even heard of Kindo, lets add that name to the ever growing list of Online Family Tree Sites, maybe in a future post I will delve deeper into that arena. 
It looks like a good match the two of them.  I use MyHeritage/Family Tree Builder alot, as it provides Smart Matching, and ease of use for backing up your Family Tree (Publishing).  The one thing that's a little of a pain is the GEDCOM that comes from MyHeritage/Family Tree Builder, I think its has some non-standard GEDCOM info, becuase it was a pain to try and upload to another site. 

I believe that Kindo is more of a social network for family staying connected, while MyHeritage is for family tree type perspective,  I could be wrong in this but thats what I see right now.  I wonder what the two together will bring to the world of genealogy.

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