From Paris to Havana but how?

Today my gram asked me if I could research on how her grandparents came to America.  She knows that they started the journey in Paris, France and then they arrived in Havana, Cuba.  From there they went to America, the problem is she doesn't know how they went from Paris to Havana, or Havana to America.

I have never done research in Cuba, so I dont know where to look for immigration records. I think I might try FamilySearch as soon as I am done with the post, but besides that I am lost.  I think they arrived sometime in the  time frame of 1945-1955 (still trying to look it up).

I do know that they ended up living in New York City, I believe on 5th Avenue if memory serves correct.  The names are Richard Perutz and Alice Lederer Perutz.

Any help would be appreciated.

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