Marriage Certificates for Scranton (updated 4Jan10 @ 10:30PST)

Mr. William Scott/Mrs Thankful Decker:  22Mar1888.
- Thankful born on March 15.  She was 21 yrs old at time of marriage.
-  William was 23 at time of marriage.
- Williams parents:  Giles and Elizabeth.
- Thankful's parents:  Chauncy and Elizabeth.

Mr. William Berry and Mrs Margaret Kenny 18Sep1888
- Margaret was 28 at marriage and born in England.
- William was 25 at marriage and born in Dunmore
- Williams parents:  Patrick and Mary
- Margaret parents: Owen Flynn and Mary Flynn
- Margaret was previous married ended in death of husband on 12Mar1887.

Mr. William Osborne and Miss Ann Toomey 2Jul1888
- Ann was 33 at marriage born in Ireland
- William was 30 at marriage and born in Ireland
-  Williams parents:  Patrick Osborne / Mary Osborne
- Ann Parents:  Peter Toomey / Ann Toomey (Anastasia)

Mr. William Mckenny(Mckenna) and Miss Anna Gereaghty (Gerrity) 8Jul1890(hard to read month)
-Anna was 21 at marriage looks to be born in August from County Mayo, Ireland
-William was 25 at marriage and from County Mayo, Ireland
- Williams parents:  John and Bridget
- Anna parents: Patrick and Jane

Mr Fredrick Aldrich and Miss Mary C. Decker 4Apr1889
-Mary was 19 years old, born in May in Moosic PA
-Fredrick was 24 years old (possibly born in Nov) as of 1888.
-Fredricks parents: Charlie And Catherine
-Marys parents: Lafayette and Julia

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