Benjaks Part 2

Ok so its really only been a few minutes and I probably should have just edited the first post, but I now even have more confirmation that I found the right family.  Theresa Benjak was a sister of Anna Benjak, and I just found her information on FamilySearch.

Once again the birth dates were off but the names matched up, and additionally it states that she married Stephanus Curaj in 1901.  Right there I know that I am on the right track as that is who I have her listed as married to.  As of five minutes ago I had no idea if they were married in Slovakia, or Pennsylvania.    I guess I just found another piece to the puzzle.

I also went from 3 "known" family members of the Benjak's, with 2 possible extra's that I could not find anything on to 9 total right now, and those 2 extra's I just mentioned, well now I am down to just 1 as the other was confirmed also.

All in all a good night, and did not even spend that much time in searching.

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