1000 RIN

Over at Genamusings, Randy asked everyone who there 1000 RIN.  Which I am sure is pretty easy with Family Tree Builder, but there is one problem.  Currently I sit at 990 names, only 10 short to be at the 1,000 mark.  I feel that breaking the 1,000 mark would be a great accomplishment.  What are some other milestones that genealogist might look at breaking?  Off the top of my head after 1,000 names possible 5,000 would be considered the next milestone?  Maybe 10,000?  Well I went from 985, to 990 yesterday with a little research, and I believe that I can narrow down a few more names, I wish more of the information that we need is available online, due to not living anywhere near the location of said genealogy.


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