Kondrc Information

The other day I was doing my random Google searches of surnames and picked KONDRC.  I decided to look at all pages, which usually there is not many.  I believe there was four pages, and for the most part they are all some how because of my blogging or my family tree info I have gathered over the years.

So I usually know what I am going to find, but I guess not this time.  I found two new KONDRC's that I have never heard of.   Once I found them, I sent a message to them, within the day I received any email back about them being curious about a possible connection.

I dont know how we are connected, but considering I rarely see this surname anywhere, and that they are from Slovakia almost in the same region were my great grandparents came from I can say we are related.  Now we just have to work together to figure out at which point we are connected.

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