Quebec Family Updates

For the past few days I have been using my Ancestry Library edition to attack the wifes family line.  Up until now the information I had was all word of mouth with out any real sources.  After talking to one of the Quebec websites they told me to try Ancestry.

Being in the Navy I have access to Ancestry Library Edition, so I started not expecting to much out of it.  Turns out I was able to find almost 90% of the birth certificates for these family members.  I was also able to find about 6 marriage certificates and a few death certificates.  It was pretty interesting to be able to have the actual source to be able say for a fact that this person is the grandson, father, mother of this person.

My one main problem is that I cant speak or write in French, my wife can, so I had to have her labor over some of the harder images. For the most part I just looked at the first line were it said the date, I can understand that part, and then I scanned for last names to find the Father/Mother and then I went on a hunt for those names.

Another interesting thing about Quebec genealogy to me at least is say you are looking for Joseph Robitaille. Well for the most part it might help if you know all the middle names of that person, say Joseph Albert Robert Robitaille.  I mean you can still find the person, but its easier if you know the whole name.

This was a good time spent as I have hit many brick walls on my other lines, or I am waiting on more documents to arrive to expand on my other family surnames.

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