Why is there no Geni.com Mobile?

Geni.com is a social genealogy website that has been around since 2007, currently they do not have any mobile applications available. In this day and age with all the mobile devices like Iphone, Ipad, and Android Smartphone's (HTC Evo, Droid X, Droid, Samsung Galaxy) available on 3G/4G/Wifi it makes me wonder why we still don’t have at the least a mobile optimized site for Geni.com

I understand the issue in reference to the Iphone/Ipad is because the site is heavy on flash/JavaScript, but that does not mean they could not try and put out some sort of stepping stone that could be used on these devices. I currently have an Iphone so I don’t know what the exact issues are with Android Devices or even Symbian or Windows Mobile, so if someone with knowledge would like to post some comments that would be great. I would assume though that the current layout of the site is not really useful in a mobile device size.

I would like to see some sort of application that at least has the ability to see all members of your tree, maybe post pictures, documents and make status updates. In future updates they could possibly add the ability to add new members to the tree, or make profile updates. They could also possibly work with converting flash/JavaScript to HTML 5 for viewing the tree in a mobile browser

I know that there has been a lot of talk over the years on the Geni forums about wanting any type of mobile application for Geni. I have not seen anything new in a while about it so I was just wanted to see what others might think about a mobile application for Geni.

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