FamilyLink Desktop Available

I received an email from FamilyLink today stating that their desktop software was available for download. I proceeded to click on the download link and install it on my machine, took about 30 seconds to download the 2.2meg file.

Just as quick as to install it, soon after the FamilyLink website had some action stating looking for plugin. Hmmm I thought this was a desktop program. After searching I noticed it was in my notification area of my Windows 7 machine, but it is a plugin of a browser (I use Chrome).

Currently its been sitting at "Finding Photo's please wait" This should be interesting folks.
It never asked me where to search, so I am guessing its going to search all my drives. You just never know what your going to find.

10 minutes later and it is still doing the same thing. I wish I had more to report on this, but I guess it will have to wait. Out of curiosity how many people use FamilyLink? I have tried it a few times on Facebook but thats about it.

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