Geni Updates for April 2010

April seems to be another big month for updates for  Below I have compiled all the new updates in an easy to read post to allow everyone read.

Privacy Enhancements 

-Under the new system, profiles you've added -- out to your third great grandparents and fourth cousins -- have become private profiles. 

Anyone who does not fit into the above rule I believe fall under this option: They have become public profiles. Public profiles can be viewed by anyone, and will be included in our public search index. However, only your collaborators will be able to edit them. No living profile has been made public

 Below is an image that might help better explain the privacy changes on Geni.


A new tab has been added to the profile screen "Sources".  If you click "Add" it will allow you to use a document as a source.  You have a set number of options to use the source for: 

*Place of Birth                   *Date of Death
* Date of Birth                   *Date of Burial
* Last Name                     *Place of Burial
* First Name                     *Place of Death
* Place of Birth                 *Cause of Death
* Date of Birth                   *Current Location
* Middle Name                 *Date of Baptism

What I did not see on there was Name of Child, or Date of Marriage.  I am sure there are other missing but this is a good step in the right direction.  I also hope they open up the sources to use more then just the "Documents" from Geni and allow external database's, websites, pictures, ect.

Merging Enhancements:

  • Send merge requests to your collaborators - When you don't have permission to merge a profile, you can send a request to any of the profile's managers to complete the merge. 

  • View nearby merge issues - Use the new "View Merge Issues" link in the more menu on the profile or in the tree to view a list of merge issues focused on that person. 

  • Better way to determine head profile - When two profiles are merged, one profile is chosen as the "head" profile. The determines things such as the primary manager and which data is displayed until conflicts are resolved. Now the profile that had the most managers before the merge will be selected as the head. 

  • New merge warnings - On the side-by-side merging page, we now warn you if there are significant differences.

  • Removed Matches tab - The removed matches tab is back on lists of similar profiles. You can check this occasionally in case a match was removed erroneously.
Tree Poster

High-quality, archival posters of your family tree are now available. These posters feature up to five generations of your family tree in a variety of customizable designs.

These 16" x 20" posters are available in two formats:
  • Deluxe Framed Canvas ($119.99) - A durable gift or keepsake printed on high quality canvas and mounted in beautiful wood frame
  • Basic Tree Poster ($29.99) - Printed on high quality, archival photo paper

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