What documents would you save of yourself.

As a genealogist we are always trying to get those elusive documents to complete the story of our ancestors.  Each piece brings us one step closer in trying to understand their lives, and their hardships. As pieces were falling into place on some of my relatives I started to wonder what documentation of my life should I save.

What would my descendants 100 years from now be interested to learn about me?  Besides the basic documentation of birth, marriage and death, what would be some other documents.  I will provide them with as much of my military history as I can.  That would include my military record, awards, ect.

As far a census reports, I guess I would be included with my parents form birth till roughly 18-20 or so, after that I think I drop off the world thanks to the military.  I might still be included with my parents but not sure.  I think this year I was recorded as being on the census for 2010.  In 2000 I was living in Hawaii but I was either living on a ship or renting an apartment.

Other documents that I would like to try and keep together for future generations: Birth certificates for my children would be one.  Maybe college degree (if I ever finish college, got to get back to class).  I know my gram is writing down the history of her life from Czechoslovakia to New Jersey.  I think that will be a great read, and will be great for future generations.  I just don't see my life story as interesting as hers right now.  I have traveled all over the world, but its not the same.

What are some other documents, photo's that you would want future generations to have about you if and when they ever get the genealogy bug?

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