Need some help with research (Elizabeth Maines)

Ok folks I need your help, I have been hitting the internet because that is my only access right now for genealogy, and I have a problem. I have an

Elizabeth Maines (Manes). B. Jan 6 1845 D. Jun 30 1905 (South Canaan, Wayne PA)
married Jan 1 1866
George Henry Jackson b. Apr 25 1845 d. Dec 14 1916

I believe the correct spelling for her name is Manes, but most of the paperwork I have is Maines. I think I found an Elizabeth Maine born in South Canaan, Wayne via Ancestry, not sure if I still have the census on this one. Her parents were Catherine and Peter Maines. And I don;t have access to Ancestry anymore while out here.

I was doing some research on another family line, and happened to see a connection to a Catherine Swingle married a Peter Manes in South Canaan.   Swingle Heritage 

 The dates for the two of them are pretty close, 1800 - for Peter and 1804 - for Catherine (thats whats in my file).

About halfway down the pages it states this.  The problem is that I cannot find any more information about the family (children), no matter how I search.  I have a list from the Census of the names, (and technically thats only if they are the true parents). 

Her siblings would be Margaret, William, Sarah, and Mary.

Any help would be appreciated. 

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