1200 and growing

Last night my GEDCOM hit 1,200 names.   I was happy when it hit 1,000 names a few months ago, and I believe it could be alot higher if I connected more of the side families, but I was more about connecting two dots last night.  See I corrected my HAZEN line after doing some research online I noticed that I know have to COSS in my tree that are no way connected, so I went through trying to piece them together, and while I was not able to directly tie them together I was able to put more pieces in place.   I still might be able to tie them together if I can figure out Phebe Coss or Pheobe Coss, bah. 

Now I know this is just internet research done, and by all means I really need to verify this with other sources, but at the moment that is a little hard to do.   Either way I am happy that the numbers are moving up, and currently I pointing to the websites that I found this information from, which is giant GEDCOMs.

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