Family Tree Poster (USA) -

Tree View
(Partial)Family tree: Applies to all persons that are visible in the person’s tree view.
Pedigree: Applies to all direct descendants of the selected person.
Genealogical table:  Applies to all ancestors of the selected person.
“Hourglass”:  Combination of genealogical table and pedigree, from the selected person’s point of view.

Tree: The profile nodes are displayed as leaves, the connecting lines are branches and in the background there is a tree.
Vellum:  The profile images are in silhouette style, the background is an old vellum with frayed edges and the profile nodes are antique picture frames.
Dynastreeclassic: dynastree look, resembling the family tree.
Custom: Here, you can set the colour, profile nodes and title yourself.

prices in  US:

A2 (23.39 x 16.54 in): $ 25.00
A1 (33.11 x 23.39 in): $ 35.00
A0 (46.91 x 33.11 in): $ 59.00
Panorama “Generations” (62.99 x 35.43 in): $ 75.00
Panorama S (35.43 x 11.81 in): $ 29.00
Panorama M (31.50 x 17.72 in): $ 35.00
Panorama L (59.05 x 19.69 in): $ 49.00
Panorama XL (118.11 x 39.37 in): $ 129.00
Panorama XXL (177.17 x 59.06 in): $ 249.00

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