Tombstone Tuesday - BROADHURST


For today's Tombstone Tuesday I am posting an image of the BroadHurst
Family. This was taken in I believe the Scranton Cathedral Cemetery.
Whats weird is on the back side of this one is for my family "BRADY".
It's the Tombstone for John Brady and Winifred Gerrity.

I am not sure if this side of the stone is any relation to anyone. I
don't know of any BROADHURST connections as of right now, so maybe
posting about it will help. I also don't believe that there was any
sisters, or daughters that I know of named Nora K. It could just be
reusing the stone? I would think it would have to be family in some
way, so it would either have to be a Nora K. Brady?

Maybe tonight I will do some Google searching for the Nora K.
Broadhurst. If anyone has any info please let me know.

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