I saw the announcement today about this new website that is dedicated to backing up family trees.  First thing is I wonder how many Tree's I have on my computer scattered over multiple drives.  I mean I already do a few backup's to other media, which we will get to in another topic.

The install was pretty quick and simple on my windows 7 machine, took about 30 seconds.  Looks like its just to run as a service in the background that opens up the web browser.  I currently have 16 tree's on my hard drives.  Thats pretty interesting I will have to see what a few of them are and see if I can prune them.

As for backing up the 16 tree's it took about 5 minutes, but I am guessing that is because my tree's are really not that big.  I believe that I have say 1800 names in my tree.  Big by my standards but probably not that big to others.

Its also handy that it shows what type of file its is (Family Tree Builder, Family Tree Maker, GEDCOM) so if you say forget which one you are working on you can sort of narrow it down by program.  Then next by last updated probably.

It states that it also keeps revisions past 30 days I think this will be a great feature.  And from further reading all the features we see today will stay free as they have intentions of adding a PRO feature.

I would think in the PRO feature they may add the ability to upload documents, and pictures that are associated with your family tree.   As for what other types of additions I am not really sure what a service that backs up family tree data can provide but it will be interesting to see.

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