Dynastree Updates

Today, Dynastree deployed a new version of their website.  In a previous post I mentioned about Category 1 and 2 type updates for their site.  Today they announced that all Category 1 suggestions have been implemented. minus chat.  Here is a list of everything that is new:

Flippable profile cards:
  • More information is now displayed on the profile cards, such as partner, anniversary, date of death or burial, and much more.
New Data Entry Fields
  • There is a new field in the profiles for adding the date of the funeral.
  • There is now a now field in the profiles for adding the baptistery.
Add custom events
  • You can now add whatever event you like to a profile, should you not find what you are looking for in the fields we provided.
Name day
  • The name day can be added to a profile, and it is also added to the calender. A reminder can be set as well.
Online/offline display
  • A new display on your homepage shows who is currently viewing or editing the tree.
Kekulè number
  • The Kekulè number, a genealogical standard number for labeling different generations, is now displayed, starting from one’s own profile.
New logoff page with all surname maps
  • All available surname maps are now displayed after you have logged off, and you can search for any name anywhere via the select box.
Web profiles  ( I like this one, I have started to make surname pages on my blog, and wanted to way to make connection to pretty much all available information for that person when you click the name.  I can have it link here and add all extra contacts like (Footnote, Facebook I Remember,   SSDI. ect)
  • A lot of new social networks like Facebook or MySpace can now be added under “Contacts” in one’s profile.
Accents in the search
  • Accents are now ignored by the search function to provide a wider range of results.
Premium users

GEDCOM-export including profile pictures
  • Premium users can now export their tree including the profile pictures that have been added, and these are also displayed in our Home Edition desktop software.
View-only invitations:
  • Premium users can now invite people as view-only guests to their family tree. Such users can then view the whole family tree without being able to edit it, and no further persons can be invited by view-only user

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