Family Book needs to be copied

Last weekend I received in the mail a book from my Gram about the Mauder line from her first cousin Axel.  It is a great piece and I wish that I would do this for my family, but I am always delaying thinking I can add one more name, one more picture ect.  You get the idea I think.  Then how would I do it, would I make a book for each family, well that would be costly wouldn't it?  But I guess that might be the best way.

Well back to the original thought on this post. The information to make the book was lost when a hard drive crashed so my gram lent it to me to copy.  I am in the process of trying to figure out the best way to make a copy of this book, but I think that I will just end up using a flat bed scanner and make copies of each page.  So that I can have a copy in my files, plus there were some new photo's of family members that I have never seen and buildings so overall its a great book.

I was so excited to see the book, and I want to make sure it gets back to my Gram in the same exact "mint" condition that she sent it to me in.

If anyone has any other idea's or better ways to copy a book let me know.  In case anyone needs to know its a hardback book, probably 50 pages (maybe more), and there was no sign on who published it (was hoping there might be a publisher that I could contact to get a copy).

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