Surname Saturday - Hüttemann

SurnameHüttemann, also possibly Huttennau
Meaning/Origin – Unknown

Countries of Origin – Germany
Spelling Variations - Huttmann, Huetteman, Huettman, Huttamann

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Descendant Report:
In the descendant report I am using the surname that I had originally heard from my family, as I have yet to really define which one it is or if they are one and the same.  According to records its the surname should be Huttemann, but both my German cousins and my family say Huttennau.
Also I am copying the names from Geni profile pages so they are linked, and didnt want to rewrite everything.
Heinrich Adolf Huttemann (Huttennau) b.1822 d. August 9, 1863  married Cartharine Worch.

Children of Heinrich Huttemann and Catharine Worch.

Wilhalmine Hüttennau, b November 10, 1847 d. 1928.
Friedrich Wilhelm Hüttennau,   unknown birth/death
Caroline Hüttennau, unknown birth/death
Diedrich Friedrich Hüttennau, unknown birth/death
Henriette Friederike Johanna Hüttennauunknown birth/death
Henriette Auguste Hüttennau unknown birth/death

Wilhalmine married  Max Hopfengårtner

Children of Wilhalmine and Max
Agathe Hopfengårtner,
Karoline Hopfengårtner,
Kunigunde Hopfengårtner,
Margarethe Hopfengårtner,
Maria Hopfengårtner,
Mathilde Hopfengårtner
Ridoy Hopfengårtner 
Wilhelmine Hopfengårtner

Agatha Hopfengartner is the Wife of Franz Bartosch.

Children of Agatha and Franz
Elisabeth Bartosch,
Ernst Bartosch,
Ernst Bartosch,
George Bartosch,
Gerhard Bartosch
Wilhelm Bartosch 

Karoline is the wife of Karl von Scholz

Children of Karoline and Karl
Caroline von Scholz,
Fritz von Scholz,
Gretl von Scholz
Ruth von Scholz

Kunigunde is the wife of Franz Maczek

Walter Maczek,
Ernest Maczek,
Franz Maczek,
Karl Macze
Max Maczek

Margarethe is the wife of  Anton Muhlig
Madalene Muhlig,
Marianne Muhlig
Peter-Paul Muhlig

Maria is the wife of Joseph Muhlig

Well I think I actually covered most of this surname in last weeks.  I hope to get some more information on the surname Huttemann eventually.  Maybe by this post I might get some interest in the name or least and idea.


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