Daily Totals: 736 Records Keys and 25 pages scanned.

Today has been not that eventful, I wanted to try and get ahead in the record keying but I am at only 736 records right now.  At this rate I would still need to do about 19234 records till 20,000.  I need to pick up the pace I think well alot more.

With 49 days left in the contest I need to do 392 records per day.  Some records are smaller then others and only count as one record.  Say you do a naturalization record, well thats only one.  But if you do a muster roll, that can give you anywhere from 10-100 or so.

I have concentrated on the Kansas GAR for its noted as being easy (I have no relatives in Kansas).  But I would still love to try and win something while helping out the community.

As for the second part of the day I have been scanning my gram's book and I am up to page 25 out of say 50.  So far the pages have equaled 1Gig of space on my hard drive.  Thats not to bad if you ask me.  I will try and get done with the book tonight but I am not sure that I will be able to finish it.  There is always tomorrow.

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