Research Projects: Family Pursuit


Once you are logged in to the Family Pursuit website click on the link to create new Research Project.

Fill in the information requested for the new project:

This is what the beginning on a project will look like, you next want to click on the Task Link

Here is a picture of the Task's screen with now tasks created, next we want to create tasks, so click on the New Task Button.

                                                    This is the text box for the new task

Here I have created a bunch of tasks for my group of researcher's (me).  You can assign tasks, you can check progress, and it will let you put information in the tasks, like a log book, which can be then pushed to the extractions some how, I have not been able to attach my research to an individual, but hey its either an issue with my GEDCOM, or because they are still in Beta.

Here we can add Log Entries, which  I will also show again in the next picture.

Here I have added multiple log entries like Census Information, where I found the census, and location the individual lived (Dunmore, PA)
I hope this little tutorial helps if you start to use Family Pursuit, it looks to be promising when you are doing research as a group or even as an individual.  One thing I wish you could import a task list, that would be great then having to go through all these step, maybe in a future update.

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