Names in Stone - First Impressions

Yesterday I saw a link for the website, over at AncestryInsider, and wanted to take a look at the site.  Personally I have been thinking in my head for the past month or so on how to create a site just like they are presenting, so it should be interesting to see how they have developed the site, and how usefull it is. 

Off the bat, there are two types of accounts, free, and advanced.  The advanced account is 39.95 a year, or 7.95 a month payment.  If you pay the annual account fee, its about 3.50 a month, just a heads up. 

Currently they have cemeteries from California, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, Wisconsin, New York, New Jersey, and Vermont. 

I believe below is the total list of cemeteries currently mapped over the US:

Cleveland Town Cemetery
Pleasant Grove City Cemetery
King City Cemetery
Fairfield Cemetery
Waterflow Cemetery
Mendenhall Family Cemetery
Kaysville City Cemetery
West Jordan City Cemetery
Wellsville City Cemetery

One thing about that list is that I dont really have a clue where each of those cemeteries are located (this was provided on the right side pane called "Recently Added", maybe the could add the city/state for each cemetery there.  Might try and suggest this.

There is the function to do a basic search from the homepage, and it can search all cemeteries, or narrow down to state/cemtery.  I did a search for "DECKER" right now, and it showed 11 names.  I clicked on one names, and it show birth/death dates, and parents name (I believe that the parents names are "community" contributed information.")

To see the graves in the cemetery it shows a grave map with box's for each grave that you can click on to get more information about that grave site.  I am not sure, but I hope that they add the ability to show the tombstone also right when you click on the grave. 

Decorations for the graves cost 9.95, and you can add a tombstone picture, or create on yourself.  Unsure at the moment if you add your own photo if it will cost money.  All decorations will stay on the grave for three months.  *Decorations are for the digital graves only* 

Overall I believe its going to be a great resource for genealogy,  its pretty much what I had in my head (I guess I was a little slow to the ball on it).  There are something's that I wish were differant, but it would be way more bandwith intensive.  I would have loved to see something like Google Street View (like a previous post) for the cemtery, where you can virtually walk the cemetery.  Can't wait to see when the cemeteries that I need are added.  In future posts, I will try and go over how you can add a cemetery to the site.

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