ReCaptcha - Helps Digitize Historic Books

As I was looking up for more information today about Digitizing newspapers, I ran across an article about ReCaptcha.  Its the standard Anti-Bot used when people leave comments here on Google Blogger, or MySpace, Facebook, ect. 

The one notable change is that it requires two words to be put in, with one being the security word, and the other being the "word" that needs to be transcribed from old text.  The second word will be displayed for multiple people and once majority have stated what they believe is the correct word, (majority) then they move onto a second word.

Currently, They are helping to digitize books from the Internet Archive and old editions of the New York Times.  I could not find an accurate number, but on thier blog they say that 5 billion words have been transcribed (served) since it's start. 

I believe this is a great add-on to a service that everyone uses now to stop spammers.

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