Digitizing Newspapers

How many people are waiting around to get thier favorite newspapers digitized?  By favorite, I mean the papers that might hold tons of clue's to thier family history, or maybe the microfilm is held across the country. 

Who would want to sift through hundreds, or even thousands of pages of microfilm at a library looking for that elusive notation, obituary, or even a small comment about an ancestor.  If the paper was digitized you would have the ability to search it on the internet from your house, and get results in fraction of the time.

Currently I know of three companies that are in the process of digitizing newspapers, GenealogyBank, NewspaperArchive, and Google.  And as of right now, none have come near the certain township that I need.  I know that there are many other area's that might provide hints, but when you have about 10 families in one town and all you need is the paper to get just a few more items, it frustrating.  I also currently have accounts for all three providers, and check back often on new information available. 

As I research more, I want to know the costs associated with digitizing a newspaper/microfilm.  What equipment is neccessary, and another thought is what are the companies priorties for digitization. 

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