Tombstone Tuesday - Frank S. Kondrc

Well I finally figured out how to post pictures directly from Picasa.  See while I was inport I uploaded a whole bunch of photo's, but I never could figure out how to connect to them until today.  Above is for my maternal grandfather Frank S. Kondrc (1919-1988).  Frank was born in Charleroi, PA, his parent's were Stephen Kondrc, and Annay Benjak (Benak) Kondrc.  Frank's parents are from Slovakia, they immigrated before all the children were born.  For a long time I always thought that my grandfather was born in Slovakia, and my grandmother was born in Czech, and once they arrived in America they met.  Well its close to that story I guess.  Frank from PA, and my grandmother Jolan Maczek Kondrc from Czech.

Frank siblings were all females, Rose Kondrc Station, Stephie Kondrc Maglienti, Mary Kondrc Stolar, Annie Kondrc Filone, and Eleanor KondrcKiwojski.  Frank was also a war photographer, which I have been able to collect a few of those photo's, not as many as I would have liked, but we cant always get everything right?

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