New Laptop

My laptop has seen better days, it was a hand me down from a friend. I have this issue with paying crazy prices for laptops when they aren’t really that good. I mean you can get a killer desktop, but I guess you really are paying for portability. That’s until the netbooks came into play. I have had my eye on one of these for months, but keep putting it off. I think I am at the point were I need one as my laptops is starting to have issue's with its power.

I am looking at either the MSI Wind, or Asus EEE PC. Both have their advantages, I will be using it mainly for web browsing, email and genealogy. I long ago gave up video games, but the ability to play simple ones would be nice. They range from 250$-350$, unless you go refurb, which I will probally do, I don’t really care about a warranty with laptops, they are almost obsolete by the time they come to market.

I will probally use Windows XP, or I might move it over to Apple, not sure, it depends on what machine I am able to pick up, maybe in the next port I will pick up one for cheap. We will see, time to start begging for money from the family, even 250$ can sometimes hurt

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