only in English?

I was browsing the forums today and noticed a post about the Geni Interface language only being in English.  I always assumed that Geni was available in multiple languages, but after reading the post that started about two years ago it looks like I was wrong with that assumption. is still only available in English.

I do not know to much about databases, and web technology, but I know other websites that provide almost the same service, and are also able to cater to many differant languages.  MyHeritage, and Dynastree come to mind on this one. 

I believe if they implemented language localization this would increase thier customer baseline, and will probally add more PRO subscribers.  Even if they just started with a few languages, it would show that they are on thier way in making thier system used by everyone.

I will not even go into stating they should start with this language or that language, as I am not an expert in this. 

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