John Brady Immigration possibly found.

Ok I would like everyone's thoughts on this one.  I have a John Brady born 1979 (to the best of my records).  I have not been able to find him except 1930 census and WWI WWII records.  Today I decided to got Ellis Island to see if might find him.

I started the search with John Brady - 300 names, or more.  So based off the 1930 Census he was from Ireland and came to America 1900.  So I refined the search to 1900 Arrival, about 5 names popped up.  3 Bradys from New York, 1 from Ballinalee, 1 from Tyrone.

Well the one from Ballinalee he was 31, after I verified Ballinalee was in Ireland.  So I have roughly 2 points that this might be the guy.  After looking it over I am a bit dismayed because it states he is going to Jersey City.  See most of my descendants are from Dunmore/Scranton of PA.  But I continue anyway, it states he is going to his three sisters.

Move a few files, and open up John's Obit, verify the database, this John Brady of mine has three sisters.  Now at the Obituary time frame for John they are in Boston, MA.  I am more inclined to believe this might be the John Brady that I was looking for.  What is everyone else's thoughts.  I really don't know what else to validate it off of.

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