Enhancements at Geni.com

Today Geni.com released new updates to their family tree social site.  The updates include:

List views are a great way to view information about groups of profiles on Geni. We provide thirteen predefined lists such as your ancestors, cousins, and recently modified profiles. Today we've released a number of enhancements that add power, flexibility and customization to all list views.
First, we enhanced the basic filters. All users can now filter any of the predefined lists by:
  • All/Claimed/Unclaimed
  • All/Living/Deceased
  • All/Male/Female/Unknown
  • All/Shared/Not shared

Other enhancements include:

Expanded merge permissions
In order to merge two profiles for the same person you must have permission to edit both profiles. If you only have permission to edit one of the profiles, you can send a request to merge to the manager of the other profile.
Now you can send a request even if you don’t have edit permission on either profile. This will send a request to the manager of the first profile. If they accept, a request will then be sent to the manager of the second profile. Now more users verify and initiate merges on matching profiles.
Add existing photos to a profile
When you use the add photos link on a profile you’ll see a new options: Browse Your Albums. Use this to select an existing photo to add to the profile.
Data conflict requests
Now when you view a data conflict that you don’t have permission to resolve you can send a request directly to the manager asking them to resolve the data conflict.
Collaborators inbox group
Collaborators has been added to the list of default groups you can use when composing a new message. Use this shortcut to send a message to all of your collaborators.
I currently do have a use for most of these updates, I am still standing by for easier merging capabilities or offline creation and online updating of said GEDCOM.  Not an easy task I would gather with everyone having their hands on each others profiles.  Like I was saying in an earlier post I have not really updated my GENI database in a while because its hard to add 500 new names since I started with Geni.  And I can't even imagine other users who have plenty more then my 500 new names.   I really like how Geni is constantly updating their services on what seems a bi-monthly time frame.  
I hope they start to hit more of the users suggestions to make it a more robust system.

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