Weekend update

It was a pretty eventful weekend with genealogy for my tree's.  Now I did not get any direct line information, but I was able to get some information on some distant aunts.  Which I had to further track from the info I received.  That was fun tracking someone from Boston, Ma to Stonington, CT.

I have not been able to directly talk to them just yet, but I did get a phone number and address pretty quickly.

After that I was able to use the Land Deeds from Lackawanna, and verify a bit more information on my Mckenna and Berry lines.  I was able to get Mary Berry's date of death, and a rough estimate for Edward Berry.

Next I was able to get a bit more on Gladys McAndrew and her family, I was able to get death dates for both her and the husband, and was able to get a sons name and wife.  

All in all not to bad of a weekend.  I am still trying to connect the loose dots of my Andrew Decker line.  I believe that I may have a good connection waiting on here backing on a possible relative first.  We believe that Andrew Decker and Jane Price Decker of Dunmore/Moosic might be the son of Andrew Decker and Hannah Teal, the dates match up in the cemetery, but beyond that there is not to much more solid information.

Till next time.

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