Dunmore and Scranton Wills

Will are for the Dunmore and Scranton area of Lackawanna, PA. I will be adding more as time goes.

A.F. Decker -  4 Dec 1912 (date of will)  - names in will:  Fred Synder (executer), Edwin Decker  (executer) Lenora (widow), 8 Children

Arthur A Decker - 4 Dec 1923 (date of will) died 28 Nov 1923 - names: Arthur (son 12yrs), Marvin (17yrs),   Silas (Father)

Catherine S. Decker - (d. 18Feb1927) - names: James Windsor Decker

Charles Decker - (9Aug1919) names: Mary Elizabeth Decker,

Elmer Decker - (d28Jun1920) names: Ida Decker(wife)

Jacob B Decker (d. 18Sep1909) names: Melva S Decker (wife)

Mary A Decker (d.16Dec1920) names:  Joyce D  Von Doren (daughter)

Amy A Decker (d. 19Mar1923) names: Vira Decker Go

George W. Decker (d. 20Jun1928) names: Hattie Decker (wife)

Sara Decker (d/3Jul1927) names: Winfield S. Decker.

James Decker (d.24Jul1901) names: Mary A Decker

Willam Henry Decker ( 1889) - George Decker

William H. Decker (1934) - Lena Decker

Mary P. Berry (will: 22Apr1890)  names: Children: Michael Berry and Hannah Jones

Patrick Berry (15May1887) - Anna Berry

Frank D. Edwards - (20May1937) - Gertrude J. Edwards (Decker), Janet Edwards Rowlands. 918 Drinker

Bridget Gerrity - (d8Oct1905) - Michael Albert Gerrity (son)

Edward Gerrity (d1Mar1909) - Bridget Gerrity (mother), Martin Gerrity (brother), James Gerrity (brother), Hubert Gerrity (*brother), Kate McDough, and Bridget Mcdough (sisters)

James Gerrity (d.11Mar1911) - John Campbell

Martin Gerrity (d. 19Jun1911) - Julia Gerrity

Michael Gerrity - (d.17April1882) - Mrs Wells

Edward S. Jackson (d.19Apr1900) - Harriet Jackson (wife), Orka Jackson (son), George Jackson, Edward Jackson, Harry Jackson (all sons), and Edward J Jackson (grandson)

Harriet Jackson (d.25May1902) - O.P Jackson (son), G.R. Jackson, E.S Jackson, H.L Jackson (all sons)

John Jackson (18Dec1909) - James Jackson (Father), Edward Jackson (brother), George Jackson (brother) Anna Cowley (sister)

Maria Louisa Jackson (d10Apr1906)

Mary A Jackson - (d7Jun1909)  Mary Jackson (daughter) rest are hard to read.

Mary E. Jackson (will: May1905) - Ruth Nicholson, Arthur Benton

Thomas Jackson (5Oct1913) Fanny Jackson

Catherine Decker ( hard to read but 5Nov1883) - James W. Decker

Amzi Decker (28May1885) - Willet Decker

Willam S Decker - (18Mar1885) Eliza J Decker

George H. Decker ( died without will)

Mary A. Decker (16Jan1904) - John Decker (husband), C Decker, John Decker, Joseph Decker, Francis Decker, George Decker, Harry Decker (all sons), Jane Decker, Helen Decker (daughters)

Giles Decker (14Jan1903) Wilhelma Decker (widow), Amy Decker (daughter), Margaret Decker (daughter), Helen (adopted).

Bridget Gerrity (without a will) - Michael Gerrity

Mary Gerrity (24May1901) - James Gerrity

Bridget Gerrity (d24Jan1893)  O'Donnell

Winnifred Gerrity (18Aug1896) -

John Gerrity (will; 28Apr1897) - John Casey

Anastasia Toomey (d.29Jan1911) James Toomey (son), Laurence Toomey (son), Anastasia Osborne (daughter), and Jennie Corey (daughter)

Patrick Toomey (d.26May1909) Mary (Mother), Stephen (son), Tim (son), Mary (daughter),  cant read rest)

Catherine Mckenna (9Sept1903) Bridget Walsh

Frank Mckenna (15Nov1908)  - John Mckenna

Robert Mckenna (4Jan1908) David Mckenna

Robert Mckenna (16Mar912) David and Jean Mckenna

Tudor Williams (17Apr1938) Ruth Williams (widow) Tudor (son)

George H. Jackson  (20Feb1892) 

George H Jackson (14Dec1916) - Maud Decker (Daughter), David Decker, Eva Jackson

James Toomey (30Dec1916) -  Lawrence Toomey, Ann Osborne, Jennie Corey, Peter Toomey.

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