Dunmore and Scranton Marriages

Here is a collections of marriage certificates that I have collected for the Dunmore and Scranton area of Lackawanna, PA.  I will update this page as I get new copies.

David Decker and Maud M. Jackson  (Dec241895)
Husband:  F:  Andrew Decker  M: Jane Price
Wife:  F:  George H Jackson  M: Elizabeth Maine

Fred Aldrich and Mary Decker (4Apr1889)
Husband: F: Charlie Aldrich  M: Catherine
Wife:  F: Lafayette Decker M: Julia Decker

George Decker and Clara Barrett (26Nov1902)
Husband: F: George Decker M: Martha Decker
Wife: F: John W: Philomene

Lawrence Toomey and Bridget Gerrity (24Jun1907)
Husband: Not listed (believed to be Peter and Anastasia Toomey)
Wife: Not listed  (believed to be Patrick and Jane Gerrity)

Martin Corey and Jennie Toomey (12Nov1909) (Lawrence Sister)
Husband: F: (Not listed)
Wife: F: (Not listed)

Thankful Decker and William Scott (22Mar1888)
Husband: F: Giles W: Elizabeth
Wife: F: Chancy W: Elizabeth

William Mckenna and Anna Gerrity (8Jul1890)  (Anna is Bridget Gerrity Sister)
Husband: F:John Mckenna W: Bridget
Wife:  F: Patrick Gerrity W: Jane Gerrity

William Osborne and Anna Toomey (2Jul1888)  (Anna is Lawrence Sister)
Husband:  F: Patrick Osborne W: Mary Osborne
Wife:  F: Peter Toomey W: Anna Toomey (Anastasia)

William Berry and Margaret Flynn  (18Sep1888)
Husband: F: Patrick and Mary Berry
Wife: F: Owen Flynn W: Mary Flynn

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