Austrian Obituaries at HugoGold

A few weeks ago I sent a message to another Geni user on where they were getting death notices for Austria.  They provided me with a few links but one of the most impressive lists has to be from

These are obituaries that have been taken from the ANNO website (Austrian Newspapers Online) and have been broken down by names and names of individuals in the obit.  The user has them on his website where you can just do a quick F3 search for a name and quite possibly have a connection.

I know that I have a few and will be spending the next few days downloading all the obituaries and getting them in my database.

One thing nice is if you goto the ANNO website there is no search function that I can see so you have to open each paper and search day by day which can be time consuming.  He has done a lot of that for you and possibly have at least a few hundred that are not only indexed but already cropped and ready to go.

Now if the rest of the genealogy world was like this.  I love to see people take their own time and provide a great service like this for the rest of the community.  I want to thank whoever is responsible for it.

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