My top 5 places for Cousin Baiting

I remember a while back Randy posted a question about "Cousin Baiting", and he was borrowing the term from someone else if I remember correctly but I wanted to see how helpful its been and what type of baits do you use.

I also would like to post the top places that I use baiting.

  1. Geni.  - This seems to bring the most connections to date.  Some are real distant though.
  2. Forums -  Hit or miss, I have connected with about 3-4 cousins this way
  3. MyHeritage - I am guessing on this one based off smart matching.
  4. Ancestry Tree -  I know I have heard a few relatives say they saw info on Ancestry.
  5. Blog  -  A few have contacted me after reading my blog.
I know there are others sites like Rootweb, and FamilyTreeCircles, and I am sure there are other sites as well.  What do you all use to bait relatives to talk about your family?

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