In search of a tombstone.

Alright folks I am in search of a tombstone in PA.  I believe its in Lackawanna, probably Scranton area as that where the rest of the family is buried.  So far I know a few things.  Her name is Anastasia Toomey, dont know her husbands name or if he was in America.  Dont know if he was buried here either.

Second I know that according to her obituary she passed away on Jan 29 1911.  Here is her Obituary again might help someone.
Well I think I just noticed something else, her address is 2124 Fellows Street.  IIt might be a coincidence but her son lived at 2124 Bellua Ave when he passed.  Not sure if that would help anyone in the process. Her son Lawrence is buried in the Cathedral Cemetery in Scranton, PA.  There is no info on her, or where she might be buried.

Since I live across the country,  do you think the Cemetery might do a lookup over the phone to see if she is buried there?  I really dont remember if I tried this. I think I did, but don't remember.  If anyone has any idea's or help in solving this please leave a comment.

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