Now Searchable: Austrian Obituaries at HugoGold

According to a discussion over at the ANNO obituaries that were partly searchable via F3 at HugoGold are now searchable at this website:


According to Randy Schoenberg he announced A few weeks ago that Peter Rohel's database of 10,000 pages of death notices from the Neue Freie Presse in Vienna was available at The index at that page lists all of the notices with the name of the file including the surnames and  most of the given names listed in the death notices on that page. (I must have missed this because the it was put out before July).

Well there are a few users over at Geni that are connecting the dots between the obituaries and the names in Geni. I have connected about 20 myself so far but not really counting. I have connected first to my database on Family Tree Builder and then I make the connection on Geni.

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