14 Years ago today my journey started.

Fourteen years ago today I was sitting at my house in New Jersey having my last Christmas with my family before I started on my journey in the military.   I was originally expected to leave my house at 0700 in the morning (Christmas morning), but we had that moved till about 1800(6pm).

There was more then me going this night in total there was 5 of use from the neighborhood.  Two had already started their training and three of us were left to go this night.  We left our house's and were headed to Great Lakes, Il.   We stayed in a hotel somewhere for a bit I think in Albany.    We actually got to Boot Camp at 0200 in the morning on the 26th, but for me I started my Naval career on Christmas day.

Head 14 years to present day and I have been all around the world, been stationed only in 3 places, Hawaii, Little Creek, and San Diego.  I have been in 9 different command since I have joined (which is alot), and probably heading to my 10th shortly thanks to the command closing down soon.  I know sailors who have been in for 20 who have only seen 4-5 commands.

Its had its ups and downs, but I am past midway now, I am almost at the tail end of my career in the navy.  Six years is not that much longer, then off to another career, maybe two retirements, you know the drill.  Have a merry Christmas everyone.

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