PA Dunmore 1900 Census by Street (Excel)

I have noticed lately that for some names I have issue's trying to find them in the census, but I do know the address that they living  it.  Currently I dont know of any easy way to search by street name, I may be wrong and please correct me if I am.  I know that you can use Stephen Morse One Step to access the right ED for the streets, but once you get there you still have possibly 5, 10, 50 images to search to narrow down which image is the correct for your street.
I have started to work on an excel spreed sheet that will list the names of the streets on each image, along with the house numbers, I guess I could have put more information, but this is what I am looking for right now.  I am starting with Dunmore, PA because that's were some of my family is from, once I have finished with Dunmore, I will be moving to the Scranton area.  Any suggestions or other idea's please let me know.

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