Lightning has a vengeance against the Decker's

A few months ago I made the discovery that my great great grandmother was killed by a lightning strike in June of 1906, I wrote a post about it when I first found this out from a newspaper article on GenealogyBank.
After hearing about it I started to talk to the rest of the family, and found out that most of the Decker's were fearful of lightning, but most did not know exactly why there were scared of the lightning. After explaining to my Uncle he understood, but he then proceeded to tell me that he thought that another person in our family might have died from a lightning strike. I still have not been able to narrow that down, but today I was talking to my father about his great grandmother Jane Decker, and told him about the lightning.
This is were it gets interesting, I heard a new story about when he was a teenager, about 15. He was in the fields, and there was storm, lightning struck, and according to my dad hit about 4 feet in front of him. The impact/discharge of the lightning on the ground knocked my dad down, but did not knock him out. It starting to sound like Lightning has a vengeance against the family, I guess we will see.

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