Website: ItsourTree Update 2

Tonight I decided to upload a GEDCOM to ItsourTree, which was pretty easy.  I used the GEDCOM I created with PAF, it took about two tries to get it done.  First I uploaded it, it reported an error, but I went to the GEDCOM import tool again, and selected my name, and viola, it uploaded all 926 names.
Over the next few days I will be looking over all the online genealogy programs and try and give an accurate description so other might be able to make the right choices for them.  Now a days there are so many systems out there, its tough to choose, I just found another one, and it was by accident.  It was called something like
After first looks, I like some of the Icons that are displayed on the website, for marriages, divorce, ect.  Makes it pretty easy to see everything, it also displays the date of the marriage in between the lines of the two people.  What I did notice is that some marriages were displayed as being ex partner, I believe this is more to do with the export/import that I had to do with getting it from MyHeritage.

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