Today I tried another website:, I have had a tree on there a while back and wanted to update it.  Well I decided to delete the old tree, and try to upload a new GEDCOM.  So once again I went back to Myheritage, and created a GEDCOM.
Trying to load it up in FamilyLink gives errors:
Call to undefined function: debug2file() in /var/www/ on line 49.
Well I am not sure if its the GEDCOM, or the website.  I downloaded PAF 5.2, and created a GEDCOM from that also, that gave me the same errors, I have not tried to upload it to any other online websites as of right now, I think I have to many version up and running on GENI to begin with.
Any suggestions?  Could it be that FamilyLink is just having issue's or are there issue's with GEDCOM through the Family Tree Builder program by MyHeritage.

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