- Update 2

Well I finally got my gedcom up and running over at  For some reason, Family Tree Builder gedcom is not totally compliant with geni, not sure on the specifics, but it looked like a few lines we missing numbers in the begining which I guess is a big thing.
I had to download a third party program to re-export my FTB Gedcom to make it compliant, I was looking for something that was free, and happened across GenPro.  It was a simple to use program, no issues, except now all the marrige dates are missing from the online version of my GEDCOM on GENI, but I am not to sure who to blame, good thing I have a backup of the GEDCOM.
So my next question has anyone uploaded a GEDCOM from FTB/MyHeritage to GENI, and if so, did they have to use a third party software. 
Second question would be what is a good piece of software to validate/correct GEDCOM.

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