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Over at Genea-Musings, Randy post's his response back from FamilyLink.  I figured I would check it out, and was scrolling through my cache to see a website called WebTree.  I must have used it a few months back, but didn't remember.  After connecting back to the site, I saw that this too is owned by FamilyLink.  It's another website to upload your family tree.
Which begs me to ask the question, why does one company have two online family tree systems?  Is one better or worse then the other?  Currently I do not have a gedcom uploaded over at FamilyHistoryLink due to probally the same issue's that Randy was talking about.
After looking them over WebTree looks like a basic family tree website to upload a GEDCOM, with the benifit of charts, and reports being able to be printed.    It looks good, and after doing a little more searching, I find info that there will be some sort of matching software in the system, and gedcom index available free search on World Vital Records.  Here is a snippit from WVR Blog :

Upcoming site features include the ability to edit information and change the display and output settings of each tree, photo links, research connection links between different trees based on ancestral relationships, printing features for family trees with pictures, the ability to embed family trees into blogs, and other features requested by users. Suggestions for the site can be sent to support@webtree.com

As per WVR Blog, FamilyHistoryLink is a social networking site for your family tree, with the ability to upload GEDCOM, and to share information/surnames/locations with other with similar interests.  Both look good in there approach, but I still dont understand why they are creating two applications for technically the same purpose.  I think if they combined the two they would have an outstanding program. 

I guess we will see as time goes by which one people flock to, and which one WVR supports more.  I want everyone to check out both of them and let me know what they think of them.  Its starting to get crowed out there in Family Tree Sites.

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