First Impressions: Tribal Pages

This morning I had a comment asking if I have ever tried TribalPages, which I have not yet.  I heard about it a while ago, but never got around to it.  So tonight I went over to the site, and decided to create an account.  On first glimpse it looks the same as the rest of the site's out there.  But once again, its a free site for basic stuff, and after that it costs.  Its not like its expensive but for some of the extra's they are charging for other sites give out for free.

1.  In the Free you get 50 pictures, I don't think any free site limits to 50 pictures.  I have not hit a limit on Geni, ItsourTree, or MyHeritage.
2.  Connections, they have this available in the free mode, but to the extent that it will only show how many connections are available.  It says I have 40 connections, that great to see them I have to upgrade.  MyHeritage gives this for free, Geni sort of has this type of function, but its based off of email if I stating it correct.
3.  They do have a Map system (in beta), which Geni has, dont remember if MyHeritage does.
4.  The basic tree is just that basic, but it does have the ability for a photo tree (with 50 photo's), so if your tree is less then 50 you are golden.  

Here is a quick look at the pricing:  Free, $1.95, $2.95, $3.95
I tried posting the chart, but its to big to fit in here, will look at getting it smaller, and updating it.
Here is the direct line to the price/extra's chart.

Will update as I use it more, remember these are just first impressions.

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