More men taking their wives' last names

I saw this post over at Digg today, and figured I would let everyone know about this.  I find it hard enough with women changing name, now we may have to figure out which one changed the name?  Great another set of maiden names to worry about.  I wonder how big this will get and like I said how will it eventually affect Genealogy.

A link to the article here.

And an snippit of the article:

When indie musician Todd Baechle married Orenda Fink, he made a decision that rocked some worlds. He took his wife's last name.

Fans of his band, the Faint, buzzed about it. Music writers were confused when he said he had a brother in the band, even though every member has a different last name. The move initially miffed his parents.

And — most troubling for Fink — it was grueling to navigate the legal process of changing his name. Many county and state officials didn't know what to do.

"Humans trust traditions," said Fink, now married three years. "But some things are worth changing. Sometimes you have to walk off the sidewalk if you want new experiences."

There's a slow-growing trend for men to take their spouses' last names. No local, state or national agency records the instances, but anecdotal evidence nationwide indicates it's more common, said Mark Rosenbaum, a lawyer and University of Michigan professor of law who has led legal charges in California to make the process as easy for men as for women.

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