First Impressions: Geni

After finally figuring out that my GEDCOM was messed up, I uploaded it to GENI.  I waited the 10 minutes for it to add my tree to the system, and then started to look around.  I have to add more photo's right now, about 40 more, added about 100 so far, looks like you can tag your photo's on first upload after that, not sure what to do.
One thing I still am not to happy with is, if you use an offline program to create you family tree, you cannot upload a new gedcom to merge your tree at the moment.
I do understand that they are working that issue right now, so I am not to worried, I will just hold off until I have a bunch, and I mean 100 names :) thats a bunch for me to add, because I think that I will have to start from scratch, meaning adding another 100 photo's.
So far its pretty quick, profiles are ok, not as fancy as Footnote, guess you get spoiled, need to send out invites to see how other's like the system.
The other thing I hope they get is something like Smart Matching over at MyHeritage, it creates a great starting point to connect to other people who might be doing the same research as you.  It may not provide all the details, but it may give you that needed push to get past that brick wall.
After a few days, I will update and post my experience's on GENI.

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