Google Street View - Why not for Cemeteries

As I was reading about the Google Stree View updates that have been made over 2008, adding National Parks, and other interesting tidbits, it occured to me, why have they not added cemeteries.  At first glance this would be great for genealogy, but it might be a little invasive having a Google Street Car roaming around a cemetery, maybe the could start with the bigger cemeteries. 

I understand that they will not be able to get every tombstone recorded, and it might not be possible to even read some of them, but something of that nature would be outstanding if you ask me.  Plus it would make it easier for genealogist's who do not live in the local area of the cemetery. 

I know that they have alot of "virtual cemeteries" online, but I would think that these would have a better feel to it, that just my suggestion though.  Any thoughts on this?

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