A Gift Idea - From Elyse

As its coming up on my grandmother's birthday in about 15 days, I was trying to think of something worth while. I didn't want to go out and buy something that she already has, or something she does not really need.  Tonight I ended up on Elyse's Genealogy Blog, and was reading about her gift idea to one of her aunts.   

This is such a great idea, having friends and families write memories and notes (a page) to the person. But I fear I will have to many issue's to get this one off and running this year for my grandmother.  One its only about two weeks away, two I will be out of the country in less time then that.  Three she lives on the other side of the US.

But I have been working on a side project for her in preparation of her birthday, I just hope that I finish it.  Maybe next year I will work towards something like Elyse mentions.  This years birthday present for my grandmother, well I will tell you all if you promise not to tell her (and besides she does not use computers).

I have started to build a digital picture frame out of an old dell laptop.  I have till Friday to get it finalized, put in a frame and mailed off (her bday is the 31).  But other requirements make it that I have to have it completed by Friday.  I have the computer up and running on Ubuntu, and its pulling pictures from Picasa (it copies the pics to a local drive)  It runs a slide show program from 0900-2300, this is what I need to test to see if this actually works.   And its pulling pictures of my two daughters, and my family.  I will have it setup so when my wife post pictures, it will pull the photo's down on a weekly basis, and remove the older ones keeping about 30 in rotation, with a nice 12" screen.  Alot cheaper then a purchased one.

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