Geni.Com Updated again for March

Today as I was searching the web, I noticed their were new updates to the website. One of the first things I noticed is there spam to opt in to thier Pro Accounts. I liked it when it was on the side of the website, I dont like it when you are forced to click through just to get to the website.

There are a total of 5 new updates to, mostly a mix between pro accounts and free accounts.  Tree Statistics is a nice addition, but I believe some of the other websites provide a little more to their free accounts, it’s a good start.  Advanced search which is for pro accounts, so I can only really post what they say about it, as I still don’t have a Pro account.  The third feature is the ability to change your Family Tree name, which sounds interesting, I bet there will be some great tree names sprouting up now.  It also seems that birth orders have been fixed, and the ability to search by profiles you manage. 
All in all it’s a great month for Geni with all the updates they are pushing out.  I hope they keep at it, as with each update it gets harder to stay away from those Pro accounts. 

Belows is a better description of what has been added/fixed in the new updates:

Tree Statistics. View life expectancy, birth locations, name frequency, and so much more, all based on your relatives.  All users get three Family Group statistics for free. Pro users can view all fifteen statistics in three categories for their blood relatives, ancestors and their Family Group:

Family Attributes:
Gender Distribution
Average Life Expectancy
Number of Children
Most Common Surnames
Married vs. Single
Country of Birth
Personal Attributes:
Current Location
Most Common First Names
Political Views
Life & Times
Age Distribution of Living
Oldest & Youngest Living
Birth Month

Advanced Search adds a powerful new interface to Geni's search feature. Search over 50 million profiles by specific name fields, dates, locations, and more:
Separate fields for first, middle, last, nicknames, display names, and maiden names
Search by gender, connected/disconnected/managed, living/deceased, users/non-users
Current location
Names of immediate family members
Birth, Death, Baptism, and Burial date (exact, circa, before, after, between) and location

Family Tree name
Pro users can customize their Family Tree name to reflect how they refer to their family. You can find the Family Tree name seting in your Pro Account Settings let’s Pro users customize their Family Tree branding.

Birth Order
Birth orders are now automatically updated when a sibling is added or removed.

Searching profile you manage
Search the profiles you manage with the “Managed by You” tab in search results

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