Tombstone Tuesday - George H. Jackson

This picture was taken in what I think is Moosic, PA., which is right outside of Dunmore, PA.  George H. Jackson was born April 25, 1845 in Dunmore, PA to William Jackson and Sabra Mead. 
George had a few brothers and sisters:  Ann, Edith, Emma, Joseph, Malinda, and Martha.  During his lifetime he had two wives.  He first married Elizabeth Maine on January 1st, 1866,  and later married Eva Stiles on November 23, 1909 shortly after Elizabeth passed away.
George's children are Joseph Jackson born Nov 6 1866, Clarence Jackson born Dec 28, 1869, and Maud Jackson born March 28, 1875.  All these children were with his first wife, as far as I know he did not have any children wife his second wife Eva.
A few years ago, I was lucky to have been in Scranton, Pa and was able to get a copy of George's Will, which was able to shed a little more light onto his life.  He gave a house to his Daughter Maud Jackson and her husband David J. Decker, he gave sets amount of money to each of his children. 
I dont remember were he worked, but I would say he probally worked on the railroad, I will have to check on this as I am not 100% positive.  But most of the family work was somehow involved with the Erie railroad.

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